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Licores y Derivados was founded in 1986 as a small local liquor manufacturing company.
Little by little we detected a need in the market: the need for national liquors that offered presentation and quality at a reasonable price. It is then when we decided, with great success, to open up to the national market.

Over the years, our liqueurs have been gaining ground and conquering wholesalers, distributors and large chains throughout the country and beyond our borders. We currently sell our products throughout Spain, as well as in Central America, the Middle East and Central Europe, among others.

We differentiate ourselves by our innovative ambition and seriousness. Always attentive to new trends to develop new products that respond to the consumption habits of people around the world. Our maxim is the customer, so we work with care and loyalty and our customers stay thanks to the professionalism and trust that we show.

In recent years we have exponentially increased our exports, which has made us grow in our factory in Spain, with a team of more than 40 people. Adapting to market changes, we have specialized in low alcohol content dairy liqueurs, something that requires specialized facilities and expert personnel, such as the one we have in our plant in Murcia.

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Joaquín H. Fernández

(1998 - PRESENT)

Joaquín Hernández Belmonte


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